Avionics Maintenance

Avionics Line Maintenance:

  • Pitot & Static Testing i.a.w. FAR 91.411 PART 43 APP E (24 monthly)
  • Mode A/C Transponder Testing i.a.w. FAR 91.413 PART 43 APP F (24 monthly)
  • Mode S Transponder Testing (Annual)
  • 406 ELT Annual Testing
  • Radio Annuals (NAV-VOR;ILS, COM, Marker Beacon, Intercom)
  • Magnetic Compass Calibration (Compass Swing) (24 monthly)
  • EASA AD 2006-0265 Altitude Encoder System Check
  • Test and maintenance of blind encoders

The above tasks can be done at our Tököl Airport facility or Central Europe Avionics offers a mobile service, where we carry out any of the the above inspections at your site.